Hello everyone

We all know how to buy clothes over the Internet and what it looks like on webshops, but when we get the clothes home, it doesn't fit very well. Then you have to return the clothes, which is ok but time consuming.

Unfortunately, there are no standards for sizes across clothing brands, as a brand of clothing itself can decide what their sizes are, and so we may end up having to go to a store to try the clothing before buying it when it is clothing for our leisure activities.

However, manufacturers have realized that women will also go out to the wild on the same terms as the men with clothes that fit well. Therefore, for example, Fjällräven has developed the concept of "Curved", which is suitable for women, where there is room for shapes. We expect the same trend for other clothing brands to make it easier for you to find clothes that are right for you.

In the meantime, on our webshop we have enabled you to see the sizes for each clothing brand. For each product you will find under the "Size guide" tab where you can see how to measure your body to find your size in the individual clothing brand.

Below you can see where to find the size guide on our webshop. We hope this will help you find the right size for you.


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