How did Nobilis Wildlife start?

I love the nature. And I love everything you can do in it, as long as it is done with respect and consideration. I enjoy walking the dog every day, hunting with friends and family and occasionally going fishing. And thankfully, my better half often joins.

That passion has laid the foundation for Nobilis Wildlife.

I often meet women on my walks with the dog, and the talk often falls on how the dog is doing and we give each other riddle - because we love our dogs. Likewise, I also meet women hunting or with family in the woods and beach. What has struck me is seeing what clothes women use for their natural activity. I can see that either it is smart but not practical or also it is more practical, but where the feminine look disappears.

I was surprised that there was not a single place where women can get the right clothing for nature experiences, which works and looks good. Whether it is for hunting, mushroom picking or just a walk in the park with the dog, and in all kinds of weather.

That's why I chose to start with a webshop where we can offer women finding clothes and equipment that are both functional and smart.

Our products are carefully chosen

The products in our webshop are specially selected with the desire to offer our customers clothing and equipment designed for women. Here you will find clothes for dog training, dog walking, hunting and altogether outdoor activities. Our product range covers from hunting clothes, outdoor clothing to dog clothes and equipment. We try to find products that are sustainable, so we who love to be in nature can help preserve it for the next generations. We have a dedicated ambassador of women of all ages and sizes, who help choose our clothing range. Our clothes have been tested by our ambassador girls to ensure that the clothes have a fit for women.

With consideration for nature in our range

When we select our range, we always have our nature in mind. We want to preserve and make our nature a better place, and so we need to be mindful of how our goods can affect the environment. We therefore try to find products that are sustainable and yet functional and smart. It is not always that we can make the three parameters go up, but as we see, suppliers are catching the eye that users are demanding sustainable principles for their clothing and equipment for their hobbies.

We all know that we get new energy by being in the nature, and so it must be without having to wonder if you are really dressed. For that is with our clothes. And then you can also stop at a café on the way home because it looks good too.

We would like to get in touch with you.

We want to develop our product range so that you as a customer know that you can find the products you need, and therefore it is important that you contact us if there are any products you think we should have in our range. If you want to dialogue with our ambassadors then feel free to contact them on their blog - or you can meet them on our Facebook group here. Or you can contact us directly with this link and we will contact you.

We look forward to making your nature experience better.

Nobilis Wildlife

Caring for the nature