Roebuck hunting for the new hunter

As a new hunter to set off on one of his first hunts, you ask yourself many questions. Probably mixed with doubt, uncertainty and excitement. In this article, like many others before me, I will try to come up with my suggestions on how best to prepare for the hunt. This article is not written as a fact list and I am not a professional hunter. However, I would like to share my enthusiasm for the hunt and share my personal experiences as well as create interest in the many possible unique moments of the hunt.


I always start packing several days before the hunt and even before that I have been repeatedly on the shooting range. That can't be said enough - get shot often with the weapon (s) you have chosen that will support you on your hunting adventure. It will give you the necessary confidence when the favorable moment arrives and the game finally pops up on your reef. Obviously shooting a lot is associated with something economical and it takes time to drive on the shooting range. I have always prioritized shooting also from different shooting positions. It is one thing to lie or sit on a bench, it is something else to shoot with the onset fever in light rain and poor sound conditions. Therefore, like to spend a little money and time aside, to get on the shooting range, talk to like-minded and experienced shooters and take the advice and guidance that makes sense to you.

In my backpack I have chosen to have mosquito spray / drug like in combination, wild bag, tug, water bottle, flashlight, toilet paper, wet wipes, rangefinder, disposable gloves, matches, hand spray, sometimes I also have an extra warm sweater. 

Of hunting clothing there are many options and qualities, I have chosen to have several sets of hunting gear for the buck hunting and for other of the year's hunts. For the cold May mornings and for the outdoors generally, remember that it is a good idea to have several layers of clothing on so that you can adjust whether you are too cold or too hot. My hunting jacket has a membrane and is made of some fabric that does not emit much noise as I move through the forest. I always walk in hiking boots. I often see hunters in rubber boots, but I do not think rubber boots are perfectly optimal for my temper and needs.

On me I have hunting knife, I have chosen Swedish Swingblade as it works well for me, extra cartridges, multitool from Leathermann, cap and gloves for cold mornings. Hearing protection is super important, be sure to buy some electronic it makes the hunting experience so much better and you don't have to think about the loud sound when the shot goes. Around my neck (it actually has a chest hanging in a harness) I have my binoculars. For purse hunting I have chosen a binoculars in 10x40 and for deferment I typically have a binoculars in 10x58. I have opted for a small and easy look for pürch hunting and 10 times magnification I think works well in contrast to the smaller but more common 8 times magnification.

I have the bulky buttolo and the buck whistle in my left breast pocket. I shoot right . My phone is charged and I have installed my hunting app with sun up / down times as well as informed me which Swiss dog driver I should contact in case the accident is out. No hunter will ever blame you for using a Swiss dog handler and you are definitely not bothered or bothered when you need at this point in your hunting life for this unique team of specialists. I was told that using a Swiss dog driver is free of charge, only a driving license is required.


Small roebuck shot in Sweden with Blaser double caliber rifle 300 win mag / 243 win.

For me, the hunt starts when I step out my front door. It is demanding to go hunting and even more if you have to smile at Diana. You never know where the game is coming or already standing, which is why I have made it a habit to be clear and alert, from the time I walk out the door at home. No bangs with car doors and always have the wind direction. The wind brings sound and sound. In particular, it is my experience that deer are very sensitive to sound and movement. I have been lucky several times when I start the hunt in rainy weather. The rain prevents my ferry from spreading in the woods or in the fields, and the noise from the rain reduces the noise I make. 

Decide during the year how to hunt and what species. In the spring I use the high activity level of the animals to give me an impression of the number and size of the animals. I also decide how many animals I want to kill. Having done this, it allows me to decide whether I want to put down a big or small belly. Usually I shoot just one spring buck and my strategy is to shoot small bucks in the spring. This allows the big bucks to propagate in July . Remember in the case of goat hunting, it is important to equalize the population of deer, when you have shot a goat, you should also shoot a raw and a kid later that year. Otherwise, gender imbalances will be created in your area.

I hope you can take advantage of my observations on the hunt and would like to write with questions and finally write if some things need to be elaborated, please come up with more topics that you would like to hear more about. I will try to come up with similar articles throughout the year.